How long did it take to see your content on 3rd parties?

When one of my videos finally got full promotion I saw it on the 3rd party sites almost instantly, but my newest one was approved 4 days ago and nothing yet. I was told it just takes some time for it to be picked up and wondering how long it took for some of you? It has the Live marking but only shows up in my dashboard under all videos, and not under pending, rumbling or live. I know I probably just have to have some patience.
I waited one one of my videos nearly a year on third party earnings! Now it's about 6 month I would say, but for me the wait was worth it. I wish it would be quicker, but I know it's coming eventually, so not too worried.


I think @MissSunshine13 means when the videos will start showing up on those 3rd pary sites, not the earnings. I usualy Google the title of my vids and then I usually see them popping up on various location within 24 hrs.
Yes, I was talking about seeing them on the 3rd party sites. I've been googling the title of my video a few times per day and still nothing.
Yes sorry @MissSunshine13 I probably wasn't quite awake this morning :) . Sometimes it just takes a couple of days or so, other times MSN, AOL and so on just simply decide is not for them so they won't pick it up, even though Rumble offered it to them.
Thank you for the info guys! Now I'm a little worried. I hope it doesn't get turned down by them. It has 133K views on YouTube so I figured there was a good chance of it performing well. Does Rumble tell you that it wasn't picked up?

I still have it up on my YouTube, but do they put it on the Rumble viral channel too?


Different partners make different moves. People make mistakes. (I highly doubt that it is all computerised on their side)

I had videos rejected by Yahoo that made a LOT of money on MSN, and other way round. To be honest though, AOL never actually brought me more than couple of bucks... So if that slot is blank, I wouldn't make many worries.
Thank you for the insight! I'm wondering if there might be technical issue with how the video was uploaded. I chose the exclusive video management option, and ended up getting the dreaded limited distribution email. I contacted support because this was the video I was recruited from and I had an email from December where I was offered full distribution. Then the status went from the pending banner to live without me clicking on the email link with the limited offer.

I got in touch with them again and they said it was accepted for full distribution. However, I never got the email from Rumble that said that. Now it's still not showing up on my channel or live videos. I can only see it when I go to dashboard and click on all videos, which wasn't the case with my Easter video that got full promotion. Maybe there was a system error? I'm not sure.


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Hi @MissSunshine13,

You will only receive the confirmation email if your video has been chosen for limited distribution, for full distribution a confirmation email is not sent to the user.
Thank you for answering, Mario! I did get an email on the one that was chosen for full distribution. I received it shortly after that video went from pending to live. Is that because it was picked up by the 3rd parties? Sorry for all the questions, I'm still learning about all of this.

The email said this:

Congratulations, you have been approved for profit sharing for your upload "Two cute pups get toys from the Easter Bunny". Our editorial staff just selected this content to be featured on our front page and promoted with our partners.

If you are interested in making more money, just keep uploading your best videos to Rumble!


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That's right, confirmation is not necessary when a video receives full distribution. But confirmation is only needed from the uploader when the video has gotten limited distribution.


Notification and confirmation are 2 different terms. Used correctly, can avoid a lot of other questions ;)

Limited distribution videos will receive a confirmation e-mail, while full distribution videos receive only a notification e-mail.
Thank you all for the info! I did know that when it's chosen for full you don't have to confirm or click on anything. I just thought maybe because it was originally chosen for limited, then switched to full that it could have gotten caught up in a glitch or something.

It's been 8 days since it was selected for full distribution but still hasn't been picked up by any third parties so I'm not going to hold my breath. I guess I should have just left it as it was which was just Rumble Player. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.