How do you better your chances at getting full distribution?

Okay, I'm beginning to get a little frustrated. I have uploaded over 40 videos since the beginning of December when I joined. I have attempted getting full distribution video management on almost all of them and have only ever gotten approved for limited. A few of them I did just take limited because I knew they weren't "winners", and I know not every video is going to be a hit but not a single on chosen?! I didn't think too much about it until I looked at both Rumble YouTube channels and Facebook pages today and some of the ones being promoted aren't so great. Yes, I'm probably biased since all my clips are just cute or silly things that I catch my dogs doing. I just uploaded another a few minutes ago and this one I took a little time with and added title screens and some (free to use) intro/outro music, I'm crossing my fingers maybe this one will get chosen but I'm not going to hold my breath. Does anyone have any tips on things I can do to better my chances? I would pretty much do almost anything at this point lol.
This is the link for my channel TwoCutePups:

I'm a little embarrassed to share since it's just a big collection of my dogs being cute or funny. I definitely don't expect them all to be big earners but if there's something I can do to better my chances I'd gladly do it.

The clip I mentioned with the title screens and music is still pending so you won't be able to see it yet.
I can give you one tip straight away: Always film horizontal, never vertical! :) Also adding a title screen is not the best in my experience, as they want the videos as raw as possible. No screens, no watermarks.
Thank you, I basically always film in landscape. There's one or two on my channel that weren't but those were taken several years ago.