How do they pick which videos appear in the viral email?

I'm just curious.. I get the Rumble Viral daily email that promotes a few videos and I've seen several of mine in them since December but they were never chosen for full promotion. I remember 3 for sure but there might have been 1-2 more. All of mine that were featured were uploaded under video management, only offered limited, so I deleted them and re-uploaded under just Rumble Player. Are they picked randomly like whatever was uploaded most recently? I'm guessing that's probably the case.

Just trying to figure out why they would end up in the daily email if they weren't chosen for full promotion.


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Videos that have been selected for limited promotion will show up in your email with a link that you must click if you wish to accept limited. If your video is chosen for full promotion, it is automatically chosen and you will receive an email notifying you of that fact. Often they will alter the video title and description slightly. You will not be sent an email link to click if accepted for full promotion. This is the case if you chose video management.


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If you are referring to the daily emails that you receive about new uploads to the site, they are based on who you are subscribing to. Anytime they make a new upload you will be notified but that doesn't mean those videos have all been chosen for promotion, you will be notified of any new upload if you are subscribing to their channel. Hope that clarifies..
Thank you for replying, I know about the email for limited. I was wondering about the email they send out every day with the new uploads. That makes sense. No wonder why I was seeing my own videos! I get emails when the three channels I subscribe to post new stuff, but the email I get promoting new clips from the Rumble Viral newsletter always has a variety of different types that I don't subscribe to like yesterday there was one about a drone, and another about a veteran amputee.


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Yes, you will see your own uploads in the daily emails as well-I think they may send out emails with new uploads even If you aren't a subscriber... It's likely automated...I got the same ones you are mentioning...


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There is the notification about the 15 videos on the viral YouTube channel too. I'm not sure how they're selected, but I often see two of those in a day. Full promotion videos seem to always make it there eventually. In your profile, you may have ticked boxes for your interests and it's possible that the notification matches your selections there.


That's so easy to find out.
3 members, please post a picture of the email you will receive tomorrow. If they are the same, than it dose not have anything to do with ones profile, and are not picked randomly.
I'll look out for it! Good idea!

I must have deleted yesterday's by accident, but I do have the one from Saturday. The first two videos in that (4/1) newsletter are "Security cam captures elderly woman falling into manhole" and "Grandpa's emotional reaction to surprise pregnancy announcement".

Okay, I got today's (4/3) Rumble viral newsletter. I'm on my phone and I don't know if it's possible to post a photo using mobile view but I'll list the first three in order.

Sid the water cat enjoys a shower
Playful stingrays love to kiss humans
Adalia Rose has incredible movie news
That is the same as mine from this morning too! I remember my first upload was in a newsletter in December, then a bunch since then. I basically have every viral newsletter since 12/6/16, it would take forever to get through if I checked each one for my videos but I just opened 12/7/16 and it hade THREE of my uploads. I didn't even remember that. That most likely means there are more that I can't remember.

But not one full promotion offer. I'm so discouraged.