how do i have this link


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Hello Datt21148. We may have been speaking already. I'm happy to answer questions. I'm grateful to the support team and the members who helped me learn the process so I don't mind questions.
First, your referrer (person who invited you to join Rumble) can be a good source of information sometimes. If somebody lists me as a referrer, I believe that it's good for everybody if I give them as much information as I can. But not all referrers can do this. Feel free to contact them and ask though.
Secondly, I keep saying that the key to success on Rumble is frequently uploading your best quality videos. If you upload two or three videos a month and watch them, you'll possibly earn money. But you won't likely see constant earnings. I try to upload 10-20 videos per month. It's time consuming and it's effort, but I see constant earnings. There has always been one or two videos performing for me at any given time. Sometimes they are older videos making a comeback. Usually the videos making the best money are only a few months old. Once they have been circulated and the views slow down, it's usually just a few pennies per month. But older videos always have the potential to be shared and watched again. Relevance on the internet can change and your video is suddenly more appealing. It can be random timing. None of us can predict this. A channel with a lot of good content is your goal.
It's VERY important to understand the difference between "Limited Distribution" and "Front Page Promotion". Limited distribution can make you money, but it's rarely going to be enough to be excited about. There should be some threads on the difference on this forum.
Then, you can strive to achieve Front Page Promotion more often by learning about video editing, video length, adding music, splicing out slow parts of a video, splicing clips together, coming up with interesting titles, writing good narratives. A good story is sometimes as good as a good video.
If you get full approval on 10 videos per month or more, you will probably start seeing earnings that never really stop.
Good luck!


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thank you for giving me advice as a vietnamese person and having financial difficulties i was a video producer for company YouTube but it paid very little of 0.2 $ for 1000 views and I went to Rumble to produce the video. I really have a lot of questions and people answered sincerely thanks a lot for that


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You can upload any video you want. But there are things to understand to make your videos pay better. The video of your dog is excellent. If you work on the best title and the description, you should have a good chance with that one!
Let me know if you need some help :)