How do actual ads payout?

Does it matter if the person skips the ad(if possible), and is a flat rate that you get paid for each ad play, or how does that work? This matters to me as a creator because I am looking for an optimal length and content of my video to do well with RUMBLE PLAYER ADS ONLY. I do not care about plays on any other network. Just how it works on rumble. @Mario thank you in advance.
also, is there a way to tell when the ads that can't be skipped(30 sec) will be played? watching a 30 second ad for a 10 second video doesn't seem like the best way to do things.


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Hey there,

Ads are chosen at the time of play based on several different factors like location, demographic, language and so on.

Rumble's algorithms always select the best possible ad based on the user that's watching the video while giving priority to the ads that will generate the highest earnings for the creator as well.

You can try to tailor your content, but it depends on the person watching as much as it does on the video itself. But as a general rule, engaging mid length videos tend to do very well.
@Mario mid length is defined as what? around 1 minute?

Also, i have videos embedded in my site that are only 15 seconds long playing 30 sec none skippable ads. Also I'm pretty sure your ads might be embedding malware on my website, but im still waiting to here back about that.


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Hey @4dogsandalittlelady ,

I'm not sure if you're waiting to hear back about that from our support but our ads do not embed malware onto any sites, period.

That kind of behavior is something we completely disapprove of, and which goes against everything we stand for as a company.