How can I report unauthorized use of video?

I just got a Google notification that one of my videos that got promoted through Rumble Viral is reuploaded by a different account; where can I report this?

Rumble Viral video:

Just uploaded copy:
If your video was claimed by rumble on YouTube, it should automatically find the copy's of re-uploaded videos and rumble will claim the copy for you.
The same channel did that with my Easter video as well. I wrote to support, they were going to look into it. I think it's still up but only has a couple of views.


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Hello guys,
We're aware of this channel and we've escalated the issue to our content team to review.

Rumble works really hard to make sure you're credited for every single view your video gets, so this affects us all.
Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
@Mario, I'm, a bit confused now. Are you telling me you're not making use of YouTubes Content ID finder available to companies like Rumble to search for those videos automatically? We would have to report every single copied video ourselves?


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Hi @sloggervlogger,

Content ID is still the main path Rumble uses to find copyrighted content on YouTube, but if an user finds the content and escalates the issue to us we don't ignore it; we simply forward it to the same team in charge of Content ID.

@DoxiePom @sloggervlogger @Mario That YouTube channel is called "1,849,712 views" They upload nothing but Rumble videos. Another channel named "funny pets" does the same thing. They scrape Rumble videos as well as other videos. Both of these channels have low subscribers and not many views, however I hope Rumble keeps an eye on these channels. Personally, I don't have a lot of faith in YouTubes Content ID finder.
Thank you for that! I will wait until rumble tells us that the videos are claimed for and found by content ID, if not I will sent out a copystrike to the channel.