Hi I'm Stephanie(STephySTeph)Little & I want to Promote New Videos


Virtually nothing, if the video will interest people, or it will interest the media then possible. It all depends on the content, if it is very exclusive and interesting for the media, it will be offered to companies or the media will find it themselves.
It can also help to copy the link and then post it on appropriate FaceBook pages or other social media.
Indeed, don't EVER stop sharing your content, EVER! It takes me almost 20 days to share new content, but i mix in old post's just to keep Google on it's toes lol... It's called being generic and it works two fold on everything i have shared since i started what i do for clients in 2009. I just broke 14,000,000,000 BILLION clicks on all that i have shared since i started in 2009...
Where do you share content?
Well... i start with groups, Google+, Facebook, etc. i also use 4 different browsers on 8 different systems, each system has 4 accounts signed into each profile, 2 profiles per system, per account (active) on each system... Shit that sounded technical as fuck lol... I am chillin' drinkin' some 40's half stoned and don't give a F lol...