Help with Facebook Share Please.

Hello All,

I am trying to understand a little bit better Rumble and I need your veteran expertise... thanks in Advance.

I saw that Rumble give me at least 3 ways to share a video:

  • Using address that you can find on your web browser:

  • Using the "Share" button close the video:
  • Using the "Embed" button bellow the video:


My focus at this moment is capture traffic from social medias, like Fbook, Reddit, etc. Which options should I choose for FBook for example?

Thanks again.


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There were a lot more in the past, but I don’t know why there are a few left now. You can always use the url to share videos on social media.
Pinterest too much steps to do i share easily from youtube channel , Blogger too it took me so much time to put my videos embed code and share on my blogger