HELP Copyright Email??!

** Update I believe I can still keep this on my youtube as I just read into it more, but in terms of my own youtube earnings etc, will this affect me? **

I just received the following email, after my recent upload on Rumble has went 'live', which I'm pleased about but they have basically sent this email to me now as I have this video uploaded on my own channel.... I read somewhere you are allowed to have the video on rumble and as well as have it loaded on your own channel, can someone please help me and help me recitfy this? I want to be able to keep it on my own channel....
A copyright owner using Content ID has claimed some material in your video.

Email as per below -

This is just a heads up
Don't worry. You're not in trouble and your account standing is not affected by this.

There are either ads running on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner, or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video's views.

Video title: Enkei The Pug - Brother from Another Mother
Claimed by: Rumble Inc.


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Yes everything is OK. You can keep it on Youtube. That notice is actually good since it shows Rumble is now protecting your content and will give you 90% of anything it makes on Youtube. Just don't contest the copyright notice.


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It's perfectly normal. You don't need to do anything else! Rumble claimed your video to put there own advertising on it. You can leave it on your YouTube channel and instead of getting paid via YouTube adsense, you're getting your share from Rumble instead! This is a normal process.
So that means I won't get paid anything through my own Youtube account for this video? Only from Rumble for this video..? What happens to the views on the video on my Youtube channel, do they count towards views on Rumble?
That's fine and understood and yes we agreed and signed for this, I just wanted to double check and make sure I wasn't misunderstanding as sometimes what your reading can go a bit over your head and it's better to hear first hand from others in the discussion - sorry for confusion!