Have few questions about publishing.


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I am new to Rumble, so I have few questions.

I am a publisher. I don't create videos, I just post them on my facebook pages.

When I click "embed" in the video page, I have 3 options:

Monetized Embeddable Player:
Monetized Direct URL
Embed URL

I know Monetized Direct URL is for posting on facebook pages. But want to know what is Monetized Embeddable Player and Embed URL.

Is there any difference between the above two?
In which of the above 3 the earnings are high?

One more question:
For publishers, it says that "Use Rumble’s Ad Tags & Keep 80% ", what is this about?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi mmaiya,

We have a department that deals directly with publishers and will help you monetize embedded videos, send an email to BD@rumble.com for more info.