Has anyone used the Splice app for editing?


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I've been using Splice for a long time, and they have a section of audio to add to your video which I've only used a few times. There's no mention of the audio being licensed, but when I uploaded a clip to YouTube privately I got an email about a copyright claim if I were to monetize it. I don't have any intention of doing that, I uploaded it with only me having the ability to view it because I wanted to watch it on my big Smart TV.

BUT I did just upload it to Rumble for video management and I'm wondering now if I should take it down, take out the background music from Splice and re-upload?


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leave it up and if you get "limited" approval, try changing the music, if you want the video to try and make you some money, or email rumble and ask if thats the reason you may have received limited, if in fact you do receive limited on it. Until then, just eave it up if you think its worth while for others to view