Has anyone noticed their promoted videos are going on Rumble YouTube, not Rumble VIRAL YouTube?

I've had a few videos accepted for front page promotion in the past few days, yet they appear only on Rumble YouTube, not Rumble Viral YouTube.
As we all know, this means that there is a lot less exposure due to a much lower number of subscribers.
I've never seen this before and I wondered if there had been a change. It's possible this has been the practice for a long time and I've just been lucky, but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this too.
@Mario can you please let us know if this is a change in practice?
Thank you.
thanks for the update about this
Hi.. can anyone tell me if i can still let rumble to use my videos for youtube as i also having youtube account. I am worried if youtube will BAN me if they knows Rumble also playing my videos. I am confused. All i need to know. which category should i choose when i submitting videos to rumble. I wish i can earn both from youtube as i can and also from rumble. thanks.