Has anyone had experience with NHK TV?


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I'm wondering if anyone has had any involvement wiuth NHK TV in Japan. Apparently, they frequently license Rumble videos for use on their show.
I've been lucky enough to have a few commercial agencies use my videos and I have been extremely happy each time. I know from experience that the enquiries through Rumble work out much better than those who have contacted me through YouTube for videos not on my Rumble channel.
I'm very curious to know how NHK TV is to deal with. I've never dealt with them.

It was actually a very low producing video that caught their eye. To me, this is a reminder that there are several different ways to make money on this platform, and that a big channel with lots of content increases your chances of a little revenue from other avenues.


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I did an NHK interview with my dog Sebastian about 6 years ago. It was a Skype interview and they came in about 3 am their time to do it. They had a translator and the news reporter. They were so nice! They told me they were going to send me a gift and the final tape....but I never recieved anything so I don’t know if it ever ran. But, I think they are great.