GoPro and corrupted files


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I have had that in the past, but I now reformat my memory card when I have downloaded the footage. This was suggested to do by Gopro a couple years back. So far I have to had any issues in the last while. Great to see you recovered that super drone footage. Im sure that eased the pain in the belly.


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It depends on how the video files were damaged.
Most often GoPro videos get corrupted when you haven't stopped your recording properly. E.g. your GoPro's battery died when you were still shooting the video. In this case, the camera may fail to index the video file.

Some GoPro cameras have an in-built video recovery feature for such cases. Just take out the SD card out of your GoPro and then put it back and turn on the camera. It will scan the SD card and let you know if it can repair the corrupted video (you will see a patch icon on the screen). At GoPro they have a guide on how to use this feature:

The problem here is that this in-built feature can't detect corrupted video files quite often. So, you have to look for third-party tools to repair your video files.

Also, there is a known issue with the latest GoPro camera models (HERO 6 and 7), when they record still images instead of video. It goes this way: the first N minutes the video plays fine, but at certain point there is only a still image, while the sound works fine. This issue can't be fixed. Basically, it's all the camera has recorded. This is a camera glitch. You can find lots of discussions on this matter on the official GoPro forum.


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The real question is, how do you recover it? I've never been able to recover a corrupted file!
Hi Natalia,

If you haven't fixed the video yet, you can drop me the file and I'll try do that for you.
Just came across this guide about repairing GoPro files, might be helpful.
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