Full Distribution Video vs Limited Distribution Video

Hello. My name is Jordan Randomness and I have been with Rumble since June 2014. My videos have been very successful with some of my videos reaching several hundred-thousand views and even one video with 1.4 million views. I am very honored to be with Rumble and apart of this awesome video community. Now for my question:

I understand the protocol of having a video sold in Full Distribution. YAHOO, MSN, AOL and other multimedia news & video companies buy the video and make it go viral. (i.e. hundreds of thousands of views) and then we get paid from it's revenue in 3-4 months. What I don't understand is the concept of Limited Distribution Video. Is this a situation where the video is bought by Rumble, but not shared with any other company? When I search for these videos they do not appear in any search engines like all the other videos bought in Full Distribution. I have several videos that were bought in limited distribution and the views were less than desirable to say the least. (Barely 4 views a day, if even that) Could somebody at Rumble please explain to us what Limited Distribution is, how it works, and do we even get any revenue from this option? Which sites are these videos promoted to when they are sold? What is the point of Limited Distribution if the video is not going to go viral on YAHOO, MSN, AOL etc.?

Is Limited Distribution like having my video bought and put on a shelf until a major media company buys them for a later date? I know it's a lot of questions, but I feel that this needs to be explained in more grand detail. There seems huge difference between these two types of Distribution. Thanks! :D


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Hi, great question.

We currently have two types of distribution; Full and Limited (this is subject to change in the future).

Full distribution means it performed extremely well with our Rumble Rank and has passed all criteria for us to push it with full strength.

Limited distribution means it did not perform as well, but did not perform bad. In this case, we make the video available to all partners on a request basis, but we will still go ahead and monetize the video on non specialized platforms such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook and a few others.
So, today I have the 4th video in a row that was accepted, but only in Limited distribution. So I just tried to figure out why. And then I realized something. Non of my videos that were accepted for limited distribution was originally post on YouTube. Could that be reason for the limited distribution?
What do you guys think about limited distribution? I have done that a few times and have almost no views on those videos. Do you think it brings down the overall rumble rank for the user? I just don't know if I should accept the limited distribution or not. At this point I just see it as taking 10% of youtube but not performing any better across the rumble platforms. What do you guys think, am I missing something?
Right now the video i got recruited by an official rumble member who said i will get paid ''x'' amount for it is rumbling since 3 weeks. ( Non-exclusive ).
edit : Also another of my video is rumbling for the same amount of time as the video i said ^

I dont know if they do combo buy ? I mean buying 2 or more of the user videos.