Full Distribution acceptance policy


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Over the last few weeks, I found that nearly all my videos are being rejected for Full Distribution. For several I've accepted them as Limited, but just to see if I could earn anything with them.

Not to brag, but I think in some cases Rumble is really missing out on things. For example: I had a video that generated over 5k views in a couple of days on my personal YT account (with a huge number of 42 followers now), and I already had offers from other video agencies if I wanted to work with them. As I'm a huge fan of the 'Rumble way', I decided to upload it here first, but it got rejected. After that I deleted the video here and re-uploaded with slight enhancements, different titles and different captions, but it still got rejected. Therefor I decided to accept one of the other offers from agencies that were really eager to work with my content.

Another example is a video that got accepted for Limited Distribution (and I accepted that), but other agencies came to see if they could start working with me on this one. I've notified Rumble on this, and suddenly it could get accepted for Full Distribution, and it ended up as my 3rd best viewed video (for now) with over 14k views.

I'm a big fan of Rumble, but I find myself more and more moving towards other agencies, as they are really enthousiastic to work with my stuff. First I would still accept some Limited Distribution offers, but now I'm deleting more and more uploads so I can work with other agencies.


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last 6 month not single video accepted full distribution last year 2016 rumble accept 8 videos for full distribution


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The same thing happens to me, @DoxiePom. I work with several agencies; I generally prioritize Rumble because I like the transparency, but when a video gets approved for Limited Distribution, I don't hesitate to let another one have it. It's literally their loss.


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Same as @nademedeiros I work with several agencies, also prefer Rumble and one other ( I won't mention them here) I too need account transparency which they give me both. @DoxiePom watch out for the really enthusiastic agencies. It might all sound good to start with, but when you have to write every month to get your payments and your monthly statement looks like something they just knocked together quickly ( if you get a statement at all that is ) and forgotten half of your video sales, that's when it becomes clear who are the better agencies. Been there, tried them all out. What I'm really happy about is that rumble does what others don't seem to care about, sue the likes of Daily Mail and Mail Online for infringement of copyright. You don't see many others that would do this! I personally got this situation where the daily mail thought it was correct to just show my video, but never pay a penny. Over a year later I'm still waiting for payment. This was with another agency and they don't do what rumble does and I hope rumble is kicking the copyright infringers butts lol .