Followed Dan to Rumble


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I'm also new to this site. I have been trying to follow Mr. Bongino but I only get to here a portion of his videos.
I now have more of my family members listening to him also.
He is great to have in the morning with my cup of coffee. I just wish my Husband was still alive to hear this gentleman.


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Good to make your aquaintances.
Busy trying to figure how one posts correctly and searching for Dan's Podcast without having to return to "the tube"


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I'm new to this site, just signed up yesterday. I've been following Dan for some time now and decided to follow him to Rumble. I'm a Canuk who is very interested in what is happening to our neighbours to the south. Contrary to what you may hear, there is a lot of support for Donald Trump here.


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I'm excited for Dan Bongino to get the opportunity to let the libs eat crap and can't wait to see how this new platform turns out