First Upload


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I uploaded my first video 3 days ago and it was sold to yahoo and AOL.

Rumble views:12,347
AOL (sold yesterday) 1,562
Yahoo (sold 2 days ago) 82

So, yes I think there is a delay in yahoo. I'm still unsure of how we get paid ie, per view? per sale to 3rd party? how much etc? they also said they would get a hold of all the versions of my video out there but they are still all over the internet. My 'manager' who recruited me replied straight away until I asked all these questions?

is there anyone out there can help?




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How do you know it was sold to these companies?? Is there a way to track who the video is sold to and I also would like to know on average what the payout is?
@LaurenCun Which video is yours?

You get paid by a viewer clicking on an add while watching your video. View count can give you a very rough ballpark estimate but it is extremely variable. It could be $0.30 per thousand views or $1.00 there's no way to know until your earnings come in.

As for all the versions of the video. Link some of them for us to see. Chances are they are properly licensed videos. If not, at least in the case of YouTube, they will automatically be recognized as your video and will be monetized as such.

I hope this helps. Ask more questions if you have them.

@rbansupport When a video get's sold, you are able to see view counts by clicking the "total views" button while on the "all videos" page. This will break it down into YouTube, Yahoo, MSM, and AOL views.


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thanks, yeah, that's what I thought, I was told that rumble would weed all of these out, its obviously not being done. I also let them know CNN had been in touch and didn't let me know about the outcome either. Its kid of out of my hands though?
@LaurenCun They represent you and your video. They are probably negotiating your video to be on CNN. As for the other video copies, sometimes their is a limited amount of action that can be taken. Other sites do not have the same security protections as YouTube. Remember, it's in Rumble's best interest to police and sell your video.


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ok, thanks for all your help, I just wish they would reply as easy as they did when trying to get the contract.