Facebook monetizing on my video!


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I have noticed one of my videos paying out with facebook! I am not sure how this is being done, but is shows money from facebook as one of my referrals! Anyone else? This is exciting, hopefully the beginning of a new income stream!


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It would be exiting, but as far as I know Rumble isn't part of that trial. I think you mean when you look under Rumble and referral? Facebook has always popped up there, because it's where you're video was played from an embedded rumble player. So unfortunately it's not Facebook views, just Facebook traffic to rumble.


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This is correct, when people click on your video and are forwarded to Rumble, then you receive earnings on it.

If the view occurs directly on FB, we don't count it as we're currently unable to monetize those.


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Makes sense. I was just surprised to see money coming in from Facebook, but now I understand!
Thanks for clarifying. Guess I just got excited :)