Facebook Infringements of Rumble videos

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Rumble is doing nothing about these infringements, mine are still there despite this thread and several emails to rumble from me with no answer
I've also seen my video "Stubborn Husky..." stolen on Instagram. I contacted one person and they then put in the comments section "Source: Lindsay Fleishman" which doesn't help me much. Also, had several issues with "Native American Animals" posting my video on Facebook with well over 20 million views and despite contacting them (which they were rude to me) it remained up there.

Here's a list of the people who posted it without links:
Emma Paw Prints


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Hi @ZangPong,

All those videos from YouTube are being managed by Rumble, you can see that the channel name is ours. So this is not infringing your copyright, in fact is providing you with revenue for those views.

We also use Facebook to drive traffic to your videos on Rumble, at this time there's no ads on Facebook so we can't monetize them but we try getting those users to come see your videos in our platform, were you will be paid the highest CPM compared to other sites.
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