Facebook Infringements of Rumble videos

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Hi everyone,

If you are aware of a Rumble video being infringed on Facebook (your video), please post the video URL here or screenshot. If the video no longer exists and you have a screenshot, please post it here. We want to collect as many infringements as possible via this thread. Thank you.
Hey Chris,

I think you are aware of all of these but I wanted to get the ball rolling. The biggest infringements I have are all for the same video. Screenshots attached.

These screenshots are old and no doubt views have gone up. Add them all together for nearly 80 million unlicensed views. I hope something can be done about it one day :)

Fox & Friends 30 million - Canal do Ander 19 million - Perez Hilton 19 million- Heart 107.9 12 million -


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When using Facebook search, use variations of your video title and you'll be able to find many stolen copies. When you find them, just post the list here.
Well, you can search for your video, and you will automatically find who posted it as well. Just copy your video name in the search bar.
i copy-paste the name of my video and not results....Facebook must sell videos to the pages owenrs and after they can share it. Something like monetization on FB. It isnt good idea the fb pages share for free the videos we sell. (sorry for my english i hope to understand what i mean)


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I found a way to search for videos of mine on facebook, fortunately they all were using a rumble player or youtube . If you google:

site: facebook.com name of the video

Fill in after 'com' the name of your own video, example : site: facebook.com Gorgeous Sights of Malta
Hope it helps finding your videos on facebook.
Hello All!

I am new to Rumble as of this morning so I have to ask about this sharing vs infringement topic. My video "Loving Boxer gives 2-month-old baby a kiss" was uploaded this morning and it's doing well so far. I did a Facebook search and found this: http://www.getshares.org/loving-boxer-gives-2-month-old-baby-a-kiss/

It was on the page of FB user Angelina Scotts (https://www.facebook.com/anjelina.scotts?fref=nf) which indicates: "New post (Loving Boxer gives 2-month-old baby a kiss) has been published on Get Shared "

The video appears to play in the Rumble player so I'd assume all views/compensation will be directed to Rumble but I wanted to check. I saw the video on Yahoo Au/Can but I did not think the Get Shares site was listed as a partner.

Is this all considered okay?
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