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Ok, so I got some news from the powers above.

We are currently testing monetization on Facebook, it's in its very early stages even though we've known this is coming for over a year now. So a few things to keep in mind about this:

1) Facebook's system doesn't report back the way YouTube does at this time, so it would fall under "Other" in your earnings. If there's earnings from FB that's how they'll show up for now (as "other").

2) for a video to qualify for ads, it needs to be at least 3 minutes long. But even then, its not guaranteed the video will be picked up.

3) Our top guys have been testing this for a while, but it has been performing poorly. Facebook as big as they are is still in its "Video licensing" infancy. They know ads very well and are trying to make this work but they're not quite there yet. This means that any earnings we have so far from them is very little compared to other sources like YT and MSN.

As our community knows, we're always looking to make the most profit from licensing your videos, it's in our best interest because we don't earn anything unless you do.

If the times comes to pivot to a better source of profit, be it FB or any other platform, we will do it asap. That is our promise to you.



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Thanks Mario. This is exciting. The video licensing market seems to be like a marathon race. Sometimes a platform is in the lead, sometimes it's not. Who knows what the coming months will bring?
Interesting point as well about Rumble making money if we do. I hear a lot of questions about earnings and that statement applies to most of them. Rumble and the uploaders share the most important goal. Our success is tied in with yours.