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@Mario do you know when the next account adjustment will be or has it been recently? The last time I've have noticed was back in February. So if it hasn't been done since then the adjustment could be quite severe. I'm a person that doesn't want to be in the red and would rather wait until I cash out.


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i have a question. It shows a screen shot stating "estimation of what you made with other platforms" and also"what you would have made with rumble" This being shows in your shared screen shots seems as though you or someone posted these videos elsewhere first. Possibly if they are yours and had been posted /submitted with Rumble for the initial time, then that nice amount WOULD be yours. But it seems Rumble was not the initial submission platform. Is this correct? If not, i would appreciate you take the legal issues up with Rumble personally ,so many of us do not have to see threatening accusations against the company . It really has nothing to do with any other subscribers than yourself. Just my opinion.


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I have been with rumble for over a year now and I can tell you if you have any monies due to you then you would have received it and if you have not then there is a very good reason why you haven't. Rumble is a very good company where you can make decent earnings for your video's. If you think you are not being paid correctly then why keep uploading on here?


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I'm trying to see the point behind all of this too. It's not very clear. In fact, this video is quite misleading. To suggest that anyone can make $267,000 in 5 days just screams "hard to believe". Those who do believe it aren't going to be very happy when it doesn't work out that way.
Without uploading original content that belongs to you, I think you'll make absolutely nothing.
I agree with cdngreenwaterdiver that this isn't something to post on a forum.

Tim, I'm going to make a few points here that I'd like you to consider. I'm disappointed that we have to have this conversation again though.

1) Rumble is made up of people who work very hard to grow this platform and reward their creators and supporters. Think of it as real people with names and faces. Repeatedly telling them not to mess with you is getting tired. You must know that you have to create videos yourself to earn money. I hope you'll correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a video that aired as a commercial. If somebody took my video and uploaded it to make money, I'd call them a dirty video pirate and hold quite a grudge.
Oh yeah...that DID happen and it's what actually brought me to Rumble. All the earnings here and the support from the Rumble staff made that harder to be angry about. Many of us appreciate that videos uploaded here cannot be easily pirated. Of course they won't reward piracy either.

2) This forum is visited by people looking for more info about Rumble and trying to make choices. Your uncomplimentary and false claims on here will not help promote Rumble. It just looks like dirty streaks on clean laundry. You're hurting tthe company and the content creators with all of this.

3) I hear you refer to shutting down other platforms and having a huge legal battle with YouTube. Let's clear the air on that one. Didn't they shut down your channel because the one video you earned serious money on was pirated? I think the legal battle involves a few complaints from their end as well. Again, correct me if I'm wrong there too.

4) This one is worth the most thought, in my opinion.
You keep saying that "they know who I am". No sir. They don't yet know who you are. But there are a few of us here who do. If I hear you use that phrase in a threatening tone with the staff again, I'll make sure that they do know who you are. You, of all people, with your internet expertise should know how readily available a person's past is.

5) As Cdngreenwaterdiver put it, this is a conversation that you should have in private.
Your chest thumping on the forum is not productive, not helpful, and something that should end.

I'm also thinking that the numerous celebrities that you are in contract negotiations with would find it hard to take you seriously if they heard all of this.

As always, feel free to message me directly if any of this is ambiguous.


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I will keep you all updated as to what happens... Since the YouTube community needs a new home, what happens next with my experience can really help this community along in massive ways for all of US! The NUMBERS do not lie lets see if they make good on them...

I'm going to clarify a few things because there's seems to be a lot of misinformation here, which I honestly didn't expect since you seem keen on telling us that you know exactly how "the system works".

1) you're not uploading any or almost original content, any content you're submitting belongs to a third party. You can NOT monetize content that belongs to other parties.

2) Because you're submitting content from others parties as your own, YouTube is claiming ALL copies of such content as yours and providing you with a view count that does not reflect views your content has generated. It reflects views accrued by views from other people's content which are being wrongfully claimed because the content isn't own by you. (These views eventually settle and are given to the rightful owner's of the content).

3) You can NOT monetize previous views. It's illogical to think we can monetize views on another platform that occur before we started managing the content that accrued these views.

4) Even if your content did get all these views and the content belonged to you 100%, those views would still need to happen IN Rumble (not YouTube) at the time the calculation is done for that amount of money to be valid. CPM is a variable number that changes based on thousands of independent factors in a matter of milliseconds, anyone how understands the basic workings of online video licensing online will tell you one demographic can't pay you the same as another, or that ads all pay the same. (there's tons of metrics that determine how much your CPM is)

So to be clear if you upload content that isn't yours with views that happened on another platform, and these views also occurred outside of our management; there will be ZERO earnings awarded to your account. Rumble was created to reward content creators, not content thieves. Not that we are claiming your content isn't yours, but what we ARE saying is that you will not make any money from us from work you haven't done and content you have not created.

If your account is found in violation of copyright laws, you will be banned from the site.

If you threaten legal action against Rumble unfortunately I won't be able to help you with that, you will have to contact our legal team at

We don't know "who you are" as you keep making it seem that you and Rumble have a relationship beyond creator-platform, and you've been warned previously to not misrepresent your association with Rumble.

You continue talking about deals, and relationships with other people/platforms that we honestly do not believe will ever materialize. Given that you keep misrepresenting your relationship with us, we assume that you're doing the same with others.

We also will not develop our relationship with you any further, we will not invest any money in any enterprise you represent and we do not have faith that you "will triple" our user base as you claim given that you can't even draw traffic to content you haven't even created.

Please continue uploading your own content. DO NOT upload content you have not created or own the rights to, and do not think that you can monetize other people's work.

If you need help we will help you, but if you continue to instigate our staff and users we will suspend you from posting to our site either temporarily or permanently.


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Actually talked to your marketing manager at length, ask him... He also liked my ideas to purse a musical platform within Rumble called 'Rumble Pla(s)' given that's my 35+ years experience in the music industry, being i am, Mix Master Ace. You are just a mod here, get me someone in charge please... Just so you know some fuck on here actually censored my post about my business idea with Rumble and tried to pass it off as there own.

But, i am not a rat, so i won't put that bitch on blast, but they know who they are... I accept your apology in advance by the way.

My experience with YouTube is my own concern, what i share with the members here, and publicly is to warn them. If you need proof of my relationships with anyone, just ask for some, stop portraying like you know something that's above your pay grade which is zero being you volunteer here.

If you would like to talk to my legal team, that can also be arranged, they are very expensive.

The last platform that tried to mess with me & my content, views, censoring me, etc. is no longer in business...

VID.ME ask them about me & my legal team... or my family.

View attachment 225
Me & DJ Bubba he runs AP in LA now... I have known John since i was like 10 lol... We are family.
View attachment 226
Me & Devon The Dude outside of The Crocodile, Seattle, WA. On Tour - Devon is a client
View attachment 227
Me & Dominique at Dina Collection, Beverly Hills, Mr. Dina is a friend & a business associate. Beverly Hills Pawn TV Show
View attachment 228
Me & Ish at the old location for Westcoast Customs they are clients...
View attachment 229
Me & Jason aka TruMU aka MinecraftUniverse a client & friend, part of Team Crafted
View attachment 230
At the new Burbank location on set for Westcoast Customs
View attachment 231
Me & Mad Mike at Galpin Auto Sports, both clients, had a meeting about the new season of Pimp My Ride all clients...
View attachment 232
Me & my homie at ECC making a celebrity appearance as i do sometimes...
View attachment 233
Me, Kool & his bodyguard, Kool runs the Bloods in LA he's a friend & associate
View attachment 234
Me & The Golden Jew he's a associate, secret shit...

If you want to talk shit that's fine, i am way above your pay grade, maybe next time think before you come at me crazy...

I don't have to think. no fucks given never had any to give...

I just want to clarify I'm not a "mod" or a "volunteer" here, I am the head of the support team so this is entirely within my pay grade.
And regarding your "conversation" with the head of marketing trust me I know all about it considering I work 6 feet away from him.

No one is claiming your idea of "Rumble Plays" as their own, we simply are doing nothing on regards to it because it's not a viable plan for us. We suggest that instead of trying to piggyback on out platform you start your own as we will not be doing anything of that nature and we will not give you or your associates $5 million dollars as you requested (you may have been joking about this, but I just want to make sure just in case you weren't).

And since you have once again antagonized other users, and again used profanity in your communications about others I'm placing a 7 day ban on your account. Take some time to contemplate.


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For clarity, I'd like to explain how Rumble's view data works. Before I get started, please go to All Videos (in your dashboard), you can actually see a breakdown of where the views come from by clicking on TOTAL VIEWS (either YouTube, Rumble, or other platforms).

1) When you upload a video to Rumble, Rumble's system goes around the internet and finds as many views from various platforms and transparently reports it for you (this is historical data). So if you upload a popular video, our system will scour the internet and report all the views associated to that video that we can find. We do this help you understand how many views were lost, and/or stolen and not monetized. And we even break it down so you can see where those views came from using TOTAL VIEWS.

2) When the above happens, we are collecting historical data. But to be clear, we CANNOT collect earnings on views that we did not monetize, especially on views that happened prior to the date we approve the video on Rumble.

3) Our #MAKETHESWITCH page clearly shows estimations for views on only, and only after the video has been approved and starts generating views. Its also important to note its an estimation. The video in question, all views happened on other platforms when Rumble DID NOT manage it, and it did not happen on (you can see this in TOTAL VIEWS).

Hope this helps clarify.


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I'm less than impressed by all the photos of big celebrities that I don't recognize. I'm sure I'm just out of the loop on who is famous.
I don't remember anyone asking to see your photo gallery though. I also don't know what that proves. I can show you a picture of me and the previous Prime Minister of Canada but I can guarantee you we won't be doing any business deals. So it doesn't tell me a whole lot. I suspect he doesn't actually remember me now anyway.
I can also show you videos of me knocking on the doors of famous people who won't answer and let me in, as you did at Adam's house. Again, I'm not sure it proves a lot. I'd have checked ahead to see if my famous friend would be home before showing up.
I've seen your recent video of you being incredibly critical of Rumble, particularly Mario. That's just offside. You claim to have "friends who will go and say 'hello' to Mario". Again, this is offside and ridiculous. It's not far short of a criminal threat.
You criticize Canada, Rumble, Muslims, myself and other content creators, along with anything that sounds foreign. Your video displays a racist, sexist and hostile nature. And your only point seems to be that you are owed money based on a faulty calculation and your expensive legal team will help you collect it .
The constant reference to "who I am" and phrases like "don't f$%@ with me" are also offside. You've claimed that having the support of 15,000 law enforcement officers should make the Rumble staff think twice about messing with you. Let's put that one to rest. I believe they would be reluctant to associate themselves with you given the fact that public records show you as being a registered offender for some horrific crimes.

It's time to write out your claim and take your matter to your legal team. Or better yet, follow the logic as it is spelled out and realize that you can't, and shouldn't be paid for copying a video. Rumble didn't make money with your upload so there is no money to share.
Why you continue in your attempts to discredit Rumble is a mystery. Don't you have important work to do instead?

To address one of your points in that video....I don't work for Rumble. I'm just a content creator who is grateful for the opportunity and the support provided by Rumble. These are just my own opinions and suggestions and not those of the Rumble staff.

People have been generous in their attempt to help you understand the error in your calculation, and your approach.
Nobody wants to spend time arguing with you. We're simply too busy making videos. I'm sure you have doors to knock on and contracts to sign too.