Estimated Earnings vs. Finalized Earnings vs. Actual Balance to "Cash Out"


If you received an upfront payment, your balance goes in a virtually negative, till you earn back the amount. After that, everything goes back to normal.


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My account says almost $70 since February 2016 but I can't cash out. Majority of that is from a 3rd party though. Does that matter?


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I went to cash out on my account & now says pending. Does anyone know how long it takes to going from pending to approved and ready to cash out & transfer to my PayPal account?


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The payments is processed on Friday and sent to Paypal the following Friday. So two Fridays after you cash out. Expect 3-5 days to go through Paypal to your account.


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Hello everybody.

Rumble posted and managed my first video here on 3rd November 2017 and today we have the 14th December. They said that the finalized earnings are shown in a net 30 system, that means within 30 days. And by my situations are now over 40 days and there are still no finalized earnings shown.

Does anybody know, if it this is a normal situation or when could I see the finalized earnings and cash them out?
I started to worry.

I really appreciate you for your time and help.

Kind Regards,




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Hi Albert,

I'm a Rumble mod, Net 30 means that you will be paid approximately 30 days after the end of the month when you received the earnings, if you received earnings in November 30 days after the end of the month lands on January 1rst, we usually process payments withing the first week, so it'd be January 1-7. This is subject to change depending on the amount of payments we're processing, but it's a fair estimate.

So any views/earnings you receive during any days in November aren't paid exactly 30 days after the views/earnings, but 30 days after the end of November (the month in which the views/earnings were reported to your account).