Estimated Earnings vs. Finalized Earnings vs. Actual Balance to "Cash Out"

It's been over the past 5 or 6 weeks. Majority of views were in the first week or so, then tapered off, but still accumulating significant numbers.
I already received youtube profits. But I see two separate figures: one figure for the youtube finalized earnings, and a different figure for the "cash out" amount. It's a significant difference between the two numbers, (not just 10%).
Shouldn't these two numbers be the same? I am not referring to estimated figures, these are only the finalized and cash-out figures that I'm referring to here.
Cash out amounts are the "current" money available to you. "finalized earnings" are the sum total of the current money and any past money. The cash out amount will not match the finalized earnings amount because finalized earnings will keep growing and "cash out" amounts will only reflect a certain time period. For example, my youtube money might be $100 this month but I also made $100 last month. Cash out will be $100 and finalized earnings will be $200.
From my short time here it seems that youtube cashouts are put into the account monthly. Once you click cashout, it can take 2 weeks for it to go to your paypal account. From there you may need to manually transfer it to your bank account. Rumble cashouts should be quarterly, I am still waiting for my first.
It was only my first youtube payment, and apparently there is a glitch in the system, so for some reason my original payment from when my video was first purchased was added to my youtube earnings.
Yes and no. It depends. If Rumble bought it with non exclusive, they do whatever they want with it after they bought it from you. So, maybe they uploaded it only to YT, in which case that's why the money showed up in your YT account. Anyway, as long as you have the money, I wouldn't make any concerns about it.
I haven't received any more payments since my very first upfront payment for my video. I don't understand any of this. Says I have an estimated balance, but only .02 cents to cash out, which I can't because the amount needs to be $50.