Estimated Earnings Possibly Stuck?


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Hey there,

For quite a long time (2 years?) it seems the estimated earnings are always $20 less than the actual payments, almost like $20 is "stuck". Is this normal?

To clarify, for example if Estimated earnings were $320, my payment would be $300. Then the next month, estimated earnings would be $420 and, my payment would be $100.

Hoping to get some clarity on this.

Thanks guys, and thanks for the great work on everything you do.

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Hi @azdesign,

Estimated earnings are by definition a rough approximation to the revenue generated by your content. The time it takes your estimated earnings to become finalized is used by us to verify that not only are you paid exactly what you're owed based on the revenue generated your content, we also verify a few other factors that affect your final numbers not in a positive flow, the most important one being invalid traffic Adjustments.

The total number, both estimated and finalized are carried over every time they're updated; for example if you have 10$ of estimated earnings taken from your every month (and this is a bit exaggerated) then on month 2, the gap from your estimated and your finalized will be $20. On month 3 it'll be 30$ and so forth.

So in your example, it shows that since you started with Rumble the adjustments between your estimated and finalized have been about $20, so you will always see that gap in your revenue history.

Remember sometimes we also adjust towards giving you more revenue, that's what that period is for, to make sure users get exactly what they earned!

Let me know if you need further help.