Error saving video, please try again (err: 12)


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You're (err: 12) is stupid. I read in the forums that "it's because we don't allow using the same title twice". well, that doesn't make sense because I can try the same upload with the same title the following day and it works. There seems to be a pattern, I will have success with 2 uploads but on the third I get the stupid (err: 12), and every upload I try after that fails with the (err: 12), so I'll give up. And the next day I'll try again with the same uploads, I will be successful twice but on the third time it fails, I receive "Error saving video, please try again (err: 12)".
I've tried renaming the upload, (err: 12)
I've tried login out and back in again, (err: 12)
I've tried, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome browsers (err: 12)
I've tried restarting my PC, (err: 12)
No matter how many times I try to upload a video, you guessed it, "Error saving video, please try again (err: 12)"
I truly hope you can solve this problem because I like "rumble" and I believe once all the bugs are ironed out it will be a very good contender to the dreaded YouTube. Thanks.

I'm trying to upload today, but without success, still getting (err: 12).
I tried re-encoding my videos but that hasn't worked either
Maybe the error algorithm is too sensitive, just a thought.
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