ePCM 235,45$ ???


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Hello! I've been on this page for a while, I entered because Rumble contacted me to upload a video of me that was already viral on YouTube. That video was uploaded to rumble and I have won over $ 3,000 with it (https://rumble.com/v4mfhz-baile-sorpresa-a-la-novia.html). After a year and a half he continues to generate profits. Seeing this I have uploaded more videos but I had no luck. But recently I uploaded one of my dog (https://rumble.com/v8bv8f-my-dog-falls-asleep.html), and my surprise was that the cPCM 235,45$ in that video was crazy. Is this normal?



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This is an unusual high CPM but not unheard of, keep in mind this is just for a few views and it's almost guaranteed this level will hold over a few thousand views.

What happened is that you either had some really good paying views, or your videos were licensed for a flat fee, which would mean you get a set price like $150 regardless of views, so if you saw 10 views for example they'd look like they paid $150 for just those and you CPM would show $15,000.

It's just a bad calculation but should clear up the more views you get.