End viewer complaints about length and number of ads


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Hi everyone,

Right now the ads played on each video are automatically selected by the ad publishers not Rumble,

When watching a video on a Rumble embedded player outside of rumble, because of the nature of our site, each video will play an ad. But when users come to Rumble they only get one ad on the first video and no ads after that for 48 hours.

We purposely do it this way to increase the revenue our creators receive, and it's worked out pretty well so far, with just a few exceptions just like above were a video ends up being shorter than the ad itself.

If you have any other concerns about this, you can write directly to support@rumble, and I'll make sure to follow up asap.
I would prefer we keep this conversation above board and in this forum. Especially since you're basically telling me "tough shit, deal with it", and as a response to that, I'll just embed youtube videos instead of rumble and let you guys do your thing here.

At least that way I can be sure my readers aren't watching x10 30 second ads because I wanted to tell a story with multiple videos.

The more I mull over your response, @Mario, the more it is getting under my skin. We aren't here, as creators, to serve the needs of Rumble. You are basically a reseller of OUR content. Requiring 300-word descriptions then changing them to a sentence, as another example, shows a complete lack of respect for the people who make or break your company. You might not give a shit about my content or the people watching my videos, but I do.

My readers and viewers are important to me. I've spent 2 years cultivating relationships with these folks. They support us and I respect them. When you spit on the experience of visiting my website, by putting a 30-second ad on five or more videos on the same page, and then have the audacity to give me a "tough shit" response while telling me how much Rumble "is different because they care about the creators" I find it extremely insulting

I've yet to get a response on how to stop you from being able to edit my content(descriptions and title) because, you obviously don't get this, it takes a long time to write 300-word, SEO rich, descriptions and if I write them, I want them to stay with the video.

You might make the creator a few more bucks on the front-end of things, but dealing with rumble has certainly turned into a pain in the ass for this creator. I won't be recommending anyone of my 1000's of blogger friends to switch their video hosting, that is for sure.

Oh right, one more thing, because Rumble certainly seems to enjoy wasting my time. Now I have to go through and re-embed the Youtube version of dozens of videos on my website, so my readers don't have to deal with that 30-second ad crap. @Mario, I appreciate that, thank you.

Lastly, I think you bigger companies forget sometimes, they call us influencers for a reason. I believe an in-depth review of my experience with rumble is in order.



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I'm sorry you feel that way, your inquiry was about ads and I responded with the facts on how ads are displayed in our site, and in our player outside of our site,

All creators have different needs and Rumble concerns itself with dealing with one that could be considered the most important and that's getting paid, creators like you also want to make sure that your viewers enjoy your content, and we make that possible by providing a solution that's different to the biggest platforms that already exist out there.

Our main concern is that if an user takes the time and effort to create content they're being rewarded as much as possible for such work, if you want to simply show your videos and not monetize them because you want your users to enjoy free content, then you can always use a non monetized version of your video from another platform, and if you find yourself with needs that are not being met by any platform then you can always create a player of your own.

We created Rumble because behemoths like YouTube benefited from everyone's content and paid the creators very little. We run ads and share that 60/40 with every single one of our creators, some of who make a living of uploading content. And although we can't make everyone happy, a lot of our users know exactly what Rumble stands for and that's to make sure everyone gets their fair share of the profits.

We hope you can make it work, and if our platform doesn't work for you feel free to find a solution that does.

Agree to disagree, yet again. I'm not dumb, I'll still upload my stuff to rumble to let you make money for me if your algorithm sees fit. But asking me, as one of your creators, to put one second into helping you grow your company reminds me of what I tell my 6-year old daughter when she says ridiculous things. "You're out of your bird"

You can't be all about your creators and all about profits(even if you're sharing them) at the same time. There are too many options out there to not take the people watching the videos into account.

Also, and I don't care how much you pay me if this is true I will be finding another option, if you have no control over what ads are played, what's stopping ads for companies who I don't want my website, videos, or name, to be associated with from playing? Every monetization platform I've ever read about or used has given the creator some control over what is played in their videos.

Are you telling me that this is not the case with rumble?

I end up having to watch your ads a lot when editing posts together and/or sharing them, and they all seem pretty above board, but not having any control over them?