So we all got this email about Embedly/reddit, but sorry I don't get it? First is this correct? If I use the normal embed code advertising is shown on my video and I get paid for views? If I share the embed code from Embedly no adverts being shown and I won't get paid for views. It just doesn't make sense to me, why would I want to share a link I don't get paid for? What advantage would that have for the creator? That's just like Facebook, millions of hits without any payment! I'm confused.
The email:

Hello Rumblers,

Today Rumble proudly announces that we are launching direct video embeds for Reddit.com through Embedly. Additionally, Rumble will provide a superior viewing experience for the Reddit community by disabling all advertisements on the Reddit embeds.

“We put a lot of emphasis on user experience, so performance is very important to us. We optimize everything from the player being rendered in the browser to the infrastructure delivering it to the user” states the CTO, Wojtek Hlibowicki. "Our player is usable even before everything is fully loaded. For instance, our user interface loads separately and seamlessly hooks into the player. In the end, the Rumble player appears to be loaded as if it was part of the content on the page."

Starting today, not only can you can use Embedly to easily embed Rumble videos on your site, but you can also share your Rumble video links directly on Reddit and the video will play within the Reddit website. Through Embedly, this also enables direct embeds on other websites such as Medium.com and many more.

With Rumble’s increasingly large portfolio of exclusively managed social video, the Rumble creator community can now easily access the Reddit audience in a way that provides transparent tracking of their videos. Additionally, Reddit has more than 50 thousand active communities and over 8 billion pageviews a month, giving Rumble creators a great way to leverage a largely untapped platform with a massive audience.

Let’s get Reddit ready to Rumble!


If you would like to discuss these updates, please visit Rumble's community forums.

With Love, Team Rumble


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Hey guys,

We decided to allow posts on Reddit without ads because their site doesn't allow them, and we would still like to benefit from having Reddit users discovering and using our site.

We want to attract as many people as possible so they can see your videos here, which will guarantee that you as a creator will get the highest eCPM possible.

With Reddit, we are looking to increase our brand awareness in a way that people become familiar with the unique qualities that make Rumble the superior video platform; for creators as well as for users.

If you have a Reddit account, start posting now and if you see any Rumble videos there make sure to upvote them to help your fellow creators.


I've been using Reddit to share Rumble videos for a while already, and I never got issues. Just placed the link which directs to the Rumble page.


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We noticed that but Reddit's community is adverse to going offsite for content, specially video; so posts that link out tend to not get noticed too much.

By allowing direct embeds we're hoping that Rumble's player get more notice and have users migrate organically to our site, which we predict will increase our user base and that means more views for our users resulting in higher CPM.


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It may seem counterintuitive, but nobody buys a product they’ve never seen. Perhaps this will drive more folks to Rumble. (I need to learn how to use Reddit. Any good tutorials out there?)