Election choice 2020 could not be more clear

Speaker Pelosi does not exclude a second impeachment of the President to try to stop nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice, and the Dems threaten to pack the Court next year, should they win. This is as anti-American as it gets.

Add to that the violent rhetoric by leftist liberal Dems who have actively encouraged street violence and who even literally support and contribute to bail out funds for the rioters

Add to that the leftist mainstream and social media, not only censoring conservative speech, but also spreading lies and propoganda (we are currently building a database, a compilation of lies (with evidence that they are lies) which will be published or otherwise released in the near future)

Add to that the tax hike which is coming if Dems get control (by repealing the across-the-board tax cuts by the President), which will be a burden on all Americans after the China virus...

Add to that the killing of millions of Americans pre-birth, and in many cases post-birth (abortion has killed more Americans than all wars combined)

Add to that the taking away of your guns plus redirecting funds away from the police (thus in essence defunding them), thus damaging public safety

Add to that the New Green Deal idiocy, which will lead to job losses in the millions (if you take out the oil industry, that will be the end result). Plus this will make the Russians and others stronger

Add to that the push to eliminate all non-public schools so that only public schools remain (and we all know how terrible those are...education quality in US has sunk to 27th place in the world!... horrible!)

Add to that the harassment of churches or conservative groups

Add to that the threat of street violence unless there is a Biden win (actually a Harris win)

Not to forget the fake Russia gate scandal, falsely accusing the President of treason, all made up, as is now coming to the surface

Add to that more liberal prosecutors who persecute people defending their home and family against rioters

Need we go on?


on the other hand, we have the current administration which has a pro-American, pro-business, pro-jobs agenda; which makes public safety a priority; which supports law enforcement; which opposes globalization; which enforces immigration laws; which focuses on securing the border; which negotiates great trade deals; which has kept its promises (and more); which is pro-life, pro constitutional rights, pro religious freedom, pro individual liberty, less taxes, which has now brokered peace deals in the Middle East thought to be impossible, etc etc

the choice for 2020 could not be more clear:

Vote for Harris/Biden and the great US of A will become a socialist state with huge government influence in your daily life, high taxes, with violence, chaos, infringement on constitutional rights, etc etc

Re-elect President Trump, and you get to keep your rights and freedom and prosperity, with less government in your life, more safety and security, school choice, etc etc

Your choice
Please choose wisely