Eagles Fan Reaction with colorful language?


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I have a hillarious video of my husbands reaction to the Eagles win. It has no violence, etc but it does have him cursing hard at the TV. Is it okay if I unload/sell to Rumble?


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Why not try uploading with the audio on? If it doesn't go through, or gets limited, you can make a second version and try that too.
You can email support@rumble.com to ask. They're great with guidance like that.
(You'd never get that from YouTube or Jukin, just sayin').
Deleting audio isn't hard. Shout if you need a little help, Rebecca.


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RebeccaStout, are you using a Mac or pc? if Mac imovie and Dave can't assist in separating the audio from video to edit, let me know


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I'm totally good with being able to censor the cursing (audio). The thing is, the whole reason why the video is funny is because of his rough, extreme Philly mouth. All over a game. It's the ultimate stereotype lol.