Don't despair. It's All Good


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I remember the night Trump was elected. I was believing all the phony polls. I was believing Trump didn't have a chance. I was totally depressed when I fell asleep, at which time Hillary was taking bows and the MSM was trumpeting her victory. The exit polls showed her victory. I woke up at 3 AM to see on the tube that TRUMP WON! It was one of the happiest days of my life. The Hag Hillary was through. I thought the demonrats could never find a more corrupt candidate than her. A candidate less likable and even more corrupt. But they did. They nominated a fool who can't even remember where he is, who he is, what he's doing or what he's done. Who has taken money from the Chinese and the Russians [through his sex pervert son] Who I'm sure inherited that perversion from Old Joe. He has the MSM lying and deflecting for him. He has big tech censoring everyone who even dares to mention his obvious lies and his lecherous nature. Everyone is starting to doubt that Trump will win because of these [to me] blatantly phony polls. Me. I remember the last election and the lesson I learned. When the Beast '' Lucifer] and his minions seem to have free rein to lie, to smear, to perjure, to riot, to murder, to bear false witness. I will not forget or give in to my doubts again. There is always a bright side and the bright side to this is that God has our backs. I'm sure that when I get up at 3AM on election night, I will not be so surprised to see that Trump has won. It will be another ''GLORIUS DAY''.! SO HAVE FAITH IN DONALD TRUMP AND GOD.

D. Crockett 10/15/2020