Does this actually work?


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Hi, can anyone tell me if this actually works? I posted a video, one I have had on my YouTube channel on youtube I got 4k views and since I posted it here I got no more views. So was this a total waste of time? and how do I get my video back if it is.


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It all depends what licence you choose on upload if you can delete it or not. If you got accepted for full distribution, than no you can't delete it of Rumble. I always aim for full distribution, because that's what gives you the most exposure, but yes rumble is definitely worth it! Don't give up! It takes a while to get going, but it will be well worth it in the end.


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Ive uploaded vids here that get double digit views here but thousands on YT, but only a few. All the rest did well here. And some did far better than on YT


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This definitely works. You can't depend on the counters though. They really lag.
Daybyday, did you get "front page promotion" on your video or just limited distribution?
I upload a video or two per day and I make a serious income. If you go by one or two videos only, you won't necessarily get an accurate picture. Try uploading steadily and look at the average performance. It will almost certainly be much more than you could possibly do on YouTube, unless you have a huge subscriber base of your own.

Check your video title on YouTube. The Rumble Viral YouTube channel has 414,500 subscribers. Getting front page promotion means it will be on that platform as well as MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and others. It's hard to compete with that kind of exposure.


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so if I’ve had that happen with a video. 2 million hits why did it stop making money?
You had 2M views after uploading it on Rumble?
Performance can drop for lots of reasons. YouTube has their watch page. It's the only promotion that they really provide, but if your video drops in views, it can be bounced off the watch page. Then it almost stops. That includes a video that is getting views on Rumble Viral YouTube. There seems to be some sort of threshold for engagement to keep it on their recommended watch page. Dip below that threshold and it halts.
But it can start again at any time too.
Rumble's own promotion is also not indefinite. For example, a high number of views on MSN could happen to a new video, but it doesn't seem to be common, maybe not even possible, for such a boost after a few days. The flood of new videos will eclipse the ones from a few days ago.
The good thing is that videos often become viral more than once. My best video yet was six months old before it took off. I've had a few start getting views out of the blue.