Does Rumble Work Sundays Now


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We are all 7 days now :)
Much appreciated. My wife owns a business and we know very well the struggle it is to balance safety and still try to operate in a manner that allows you to pay the salaries. I know you are all working harder than ever to keep things rolling.
Also, a friend of mine is a dive master in Belize (BigSexysPlayground) is his channel. He's a great guy with a heart of gold. He started a channel a long time ago but never really uploaded much because he was working long hours 6-7 days a week. When the pandemic hit, their tourism industry shut down completely. I'm helping him upload his diving footage and he's now making enough money to put some groceries on the table at a time when there isn't any other money to be had. You guys are making more of a difference than you know.
Thanks for everything.


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Es un gesto muy humano y solidario que haces para ayudar a tu amigo en estos tiempos difíciles, te felicito.
Trabajaré para ayudar a mi hijo, una familia y todas las personas que necesitan ayuda. Trabajo como operador y luego me dedico a crear videos para todos. Necesito que el día sea de 48 horas o más. Gracias y saludos a todos