Does Rumble View Count Lag?

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I've looked around and see that youtube and third party numbers tend to be behind the actual view count for each video, but wondering if there is a delay in the rumble view count as well?

My video was only approved late last night or this morning, but it's the most recent recommended video in the dog category, and was in their email blast today.

It's currently showing 4 views, and maybe that is all it's gotten, but it seems to be decently prominently displayed, so I'd imagine it has more than that.

would love any insight!


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Rumble views are normally updated within 24 hours, so you may see all of today's views on your dashboard tomorrow.


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I've had a few of my videos (only of them are of my dogs) in the viral email newsletter and the recommended section and they really didn't do any better than the videos I have that didn't get that. But of course, like Mario said you might not see the whole amount of Rumble views until tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
Thanks! Yah I have no idea what impact that has on it, I don't think I'm expecting anything crazy, but it's gotten over 6k views on their youtube today so I feel like there would be more than 4 on rumble haha. I had a video of mine go viral before, partially on rumble, but couldn't remember when stats updated
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