Does anyone know exactly what this is called and who created the mindset of this radical left?


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It started after JFK's death and has been getting slowly and progressively (no pun intended) worse ever since. It has been a slow burn until Trump kicked Hillary's ass, throwing gas on the fire.
Derrida was the mind along with Foucault that started this theory that has now formed into critical race theory, which has spread all through the western world


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We are seeing the result of a communist plan that has been in the works for decades. They have been infiltrating our government, the media, entertainment, and our education system since before the 1950's. Joseph McCarthy tried to warn us but they were too powerful even then.

But these neo-marxists are just being used now by the puppeteers to try and take down Trump. Everything happening today is attributed to their efforts get him out of the way so they can get back on schedule to create a one world government.

There is so much more but it would take a book to explain it.