Do you create tech/mobile phone videos? If so, we we want them!


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Hello Everyone,

Rumble is expanding into new verticals, particularly in the mobile tech space. We recently acquired some YouTube Tech channels to distribute videos focusing on mobile phone reviews, phone comparisons, phone how-tos, unboxing, and phone hacks.

Since Rumble is already heavily in the viral video space, we wanted to expand our platforms distribution into technology. Some examples of the type of content we are looking for tech reviews, how-to's, unboxing, comparisons etc, but with a strong emphasis on mobile phones. So, if you recently bought a new phone, or have two phones that you’d like to review side-by-side, Rumble is now the place to upload it first!

Below are some examples of the types of videos we are looking for:

In the near future, we will be adding more channels in different verticals to expand our platforms distribution.

Team Rumble!


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We are waiting now :) Just make sure they are well done.
Okay cool! I have so much footage i could compile together of the s9 slow mo 960 fps feature and timelapse feature captured on the s9.

I have tons of footage shot with gimbals too i could put together specific to camera gear. I wasn't sure if you guys were into that sort of thing or more like unboxings or if compilations showing are variety of examples of what phones/cameras are capable of are what you'd like to see as well.


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Has anyone started creating tech videos? We are looking for lots and haven't seen much. It should be pretty easy to get approvals and earn money!
I can start on this tonight...i have tons of footage i would just need to edit the vids together to upload. I will get a few uploaded this week and maybe some of it you might find usable.