Do Facebook views of the Rumble link translate into earnings?


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I have a video from one week ago that shows 14.2K shares on Facebook of the Rumble link to my video. The Rumble counter is showing 1587. I would have expected the Rumble views to be higher. Will these views eventually show up or are Facebook views somehow different?
Facebook views to my knowledge are just advertising. No views get counted. Don't get me started on that. I wish it was different. I have millions of lost views on Facebook, no payment. Hopefully they change that soon.
Why isn't Rumble using their own FB share button on the Rumble site to share onto FB? Doing this, when someone clicks on the video on the Rumble FB page, it takes them directly to the video on Rumble which equals $$$. Posting directly to FB, without the link back to Rumble, makes no one any money. In Daves case, 14.2k in shares is a nice profit missed out on.
If Rumble would post videos to FB using the Rumble video link back to their site, the video shows up nice on FB and we would get our videos monetized. But for some reason Rumble is uploading the video directly to FB so they aren't monetized. It's a pretty simple thing for them to change how they do things at Rumble - just not sure why they do it the way where no money is earned. That's a lot of money lost for Rumble and the Creator.
@Spitfire That's already bad enough and on top of that people share these posts all over Facebook and get millions of hits, without us getting a cent. I think rumble and others are doing it like that because of the auto play feature, but that doesn't help us.