Do Approved videos earn Income?

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I've been reading the FAQ and I've seen mention of people getting emails when a video is approved, I've just had my first video approved (Yay!) but I haven't had an email to tell me my video will be earning income? I've chosen the Exclusive license which I believe is correct, but I've also been reading it can take a while for earnings to start accumulating, which is fine. Should I still receive an email telling me a video is approved? I know the video is approved because in the earnings section it says Approved Videos 1, Approval percentage 17% (I have 1/6 videos approved).


you should have received an email stating your video received either "profit sharing status" or "limited". Both can earn money ,all based on views and plays, but "profit sharing status" performs the best as it gets sold to other platforms such as aol,msn,yahoo, etc
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Do you know how long this usually takes to receive? As I now have 3/6 videos approved and still no email :/

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What I was gonna say. Check junk box
there's no need to email support, the three videos that are still pending are within the 1-3 business day approval time, and these were only uploaded on the 17th.

Just need to be patient.
I've already emailed, my bad. It says monetized on the videos but they're still pending? I'll wait longer 👍🏻