Descriptions is full of html gibberish and links are broken

My recent video was placed on Rumble Viral and the description is hardly readable because of all of the html gibberish that has been added for some unknown reason. The links in the description are also broken. Very unprofessional and does nothing for added views. Is this happening to anyone else? This was brought to my attention by one of the commenters on the video. Sadly, I took a look at some of my other videos and they are all like this. What can be done to fix this @Mario ? Go here to see/read the description.
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This issue has been resolved,

For new videos there was an encoding issue were the links were not being copied verbatim and therefore broke during the upload to YouTube.

Some older videos may still be affected by this. If that's the case, please send the URL to and we'll manually update them.
Thank you for looking into this and finding a fix. I'll be sending contacting support.