Dems follow Soviet subversion playbook

Yuri Bezmenov (Soviet journalist, KGB informant) had four “stages of ideological subversion”: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization.

if we look at the behavior and speeches of leftist liberal Democrats and their supporters and ‘ground troops’, and we compare that with Bezmenov’s playbook, we can but conclude that they are following the script.

Their endless attacks with lies and disinformation via social and mainstream media while simultaneously removing conservative content; violence in the streets through riots; lockdowns of blue states to make the President look bad, persecution of people defending themselves against mobs; infringement on constitutional rights especially the First and Second Amendment; crooked polls which fit their political agenda; etc etc

You probably never thought you would see Soviet tactics applied in the Great USA.

Now you can see it
Well said! @ConservativePerspective They Have Multiple technics that go way back like the "Nazi's Brown Shirts" = BLM + Antifa (has the insignias / logo and name very similar than the "Nazi movement" just agreeing with your analogy. I am new here hopefully I will be uploading some videos soon and for my online event that You are totally invited to participate as a guest or Presenter from 11.11.20 to 11.15.20 at http://GreatAwakeningConference.Com
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