DELETE button for limited distribution has been REMOVED!

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I received the email this morning that Rumble accepted a video for limited distribution. I DID NOT CLICK THE LINK in the email accepting limited distribution.
I prefer to delete the video, make changes, and resubmit. However, this video has gone “live” for limited distribution and the delete button removed!

I repeat, I DID NOT CLICK THE LINK in the email accepting limited distribution.
Could someone please tell me WHY? Has this option to delete and improve upon videos been taken away from us?
Just looked on the Rumble Viral YouTube channel and my video is posted there. It has about 130 views. When I click "All Videos" on the left side of my account the video is displayed and has a "Live" icon. When I click the "Live video" section the video is NOT displayed. "Pending Video" section, of course it's not there. Also my "approved videos" count did not increase in number on my Account overview page. It's like this video is in Purgatory or something! Geez! I am so confused!
@nademedeiros Thanks for asking. Not really, I contacted support. Had a few email exchanged with He doesn't understand, other than to tell me there was a glitch and it's all fixed now. It's not fixed because it is still not listed on my "live videos" page and it is not counted as an "approved video" on my about account overview. That is the part Armin doesn't understand and will not address. I'm hoping someone from Rumble will see this post on the forum and explain what happened. I am also watching to see if it does get shared on other platforms. I am getting Rumble and YouTube views, but not that many.


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If it's ln Rumble Viral Youtube (Not just Rumble Youtube) it usually means approved for profit sharing.
Did you google search the title to see if it's on any third party sites?
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