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I think a fair approach would be to split the earnings of the compilation video amongst the videos featured. i.e. if its a compilation of 3 videos then split the earning amongst those 3 videos (after Rumbles profit share)
This was posted well over a month ago and no one was given an answer? Really????? Does anyone have a link to this compilation video? My guess is that you will not receive anything. I don't think it would be a video that Rumble would be selling to the big wigs like MSN,Yahoo, Aol etc. My guess is it is just playing here on Rumble and possibly Rumbles youtube channel. If it is on Rumble's youtube channel then yes, money made should be shared with those that contributed to the video. I'm tagging everyone's name in this post that are affiliated with it because many times I do not get responses. There has to be a ( @ ) before the users name for many relies to actually work. @jonathanbotha @nademedeiros @teodoulke
@jonathanbotha @nademedeiros @teodoulke WOW! This is not what I expected to see. 2-3 second clips would be normal but these clips are way longer. Looks like Rumble is going to have to share this revenue with 11 different users. Mainly because like you said it was used and distributed out to large companies so who knows what it received for views. Sorry I could not personally help you here but it would be best to tag someone's name in here from Rumble. There use to be several helpers on here affiliated with them but many are gone or maybe nervous to answer without the correct knowledge or answer.
@jonathanbotha @nademedeiros @teodoulke @BenW I have an update for you from Rumble. They compensate users in the same manner as they would with one-off clips. In these cases, revenue is split amongst those creators and bundled into Youtube/Rumble earnings. Since there's a number of clips used in each compilation, the revenue cut is lower than a one-off feature would be. These compilations usually help us promote themes/clips and are very helpful for creators :)
With that said it looks like the earnings will go into your youtube and Rumble earnings. Not sure how they will show up or if they will actually say "earnings from compilation" but this is all I have to offer for now.


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Hey everyone,

Compilations are treated as a way for us to promote videos. If there is revenue, the revenue is split many different times . I believe this is also how YouTube treats multiple claims (everyone gets a piece and revenue/views are recorded into the main video url).