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How can I request Rumble Team to Claim the Rights from a video on Youtube?

The Video One Piece H5 EP1 does not have the Copyright Claim tag as Warlords video .



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Always make sure that the video you upload on rumble and YT should be exactly same..
Even the smallest change can cause this problem
I have to say that never caused me a problem. My YouTube version is often much longer ( as that's what my subscribers want) than what I post on Rumble, which is shorter and more to the point. I don't use auto syndication either, so there is never the question for YouTube who uploaded the video first.


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Videos that was not approved for Full Distribution do not receive money from YouTube?
If the video isn't monetized by Rumble no, but if you have a minimum of 1000 viewers and 400 watch hours you can earn money on YouTube yourself.


Auto syndication simply uploads the video to YouTube as it if were you, for a video to receive a claim and get uploaded to our channels it needs to be approved for full distribution.
Thanks for reply... Do you think that Rumble could help me? I took a print from a video on YTube :