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I'll confess to posting some dog videos, but I've posted more about cows, whales, and sharks than dogs. Some food, hot peppers, sports, and tech stuff too. I think the world loves animal videos. But There's a lot more on here to discover. Subscribe to my channel, or anyone else in this feed and you'll see varied content.
Paypal has been foolproof for me too. :)


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I guess that's where we differ. what you call a smart businesses decision, I call weak .. The fact is you have no payment system and paypal wasn't inteded for payroll, you took away the only payment system you had by cheque and replaced it with another third party.. All you've done with your smart business decision is pawn the fees and headaches to the end user, at least have the courage to call it what it is.
Payroll is for Employees, you're not an employee, creators are not employees.

And cheques ARE available to our publishers, but you are not a publisher.