Cash out payment

I requested the cash out last week, and wanted to know the timing of payment, and how much I have to wait (it's my first time).

I also wanted to ask, because it no longer works on my account system "like" a photo and video (5 for day), before asking for the cash out it work; I have to wait to get it reactivated? Why it doesn't work?

Thank you so much !
The 0.05$ for tagging a video or photo, doesn't exist anymore. You can earn cash, only by selling your videos. So it has nothing to do with your actual payment status.
Thank you cseh_17, I don't know thaht the 0.05$ for tagging a video or photo, doesn't exist anymore, because until last week it work. Thanks.

I ask the pay out just two week ago, I don't know how much time it need.

how to sell videos or photos? I have uploaded a lot of photos, but none accepted. And youtube?
I think the waiting time is up to 6 work days. Anyway, about the upload of stuff, I thing the video is the absolutely Go-GO. You just go to the upper right corner of your screen, click UPLOAD, and fill out the stuff there. Afterwards you will only have to wait. If your video was good enough, it will be accepted.
The youtube stuff is easy as well. If your video that you want to upload, already exists on YT. (obviously on your account, and uploaded from you) you should link that to RUMBLE.
cseh_17 thank you very much for your explanation, you've been very clear as well as very friendly.

So I just can upload video (maybe I think only my video, just not reposted from another site..), not photo (I've upload 4 photos, but I never received a reply)?

Last question; I connected the first site no longer exists? The only access I have to do to

I'm sorry for my (I hope not stupid) questions..thank you so much
As I said, video is the only option that I know to bring you profit. And absolutely only your ones. There are pretty serious copyright laws, and I am sure you don't want to break any of them :)
About the sites, I actually never heard about the first one, but rumble is where we are, rumble is the one you should definitely use.
I’ve upload my video, just in rumble and in my personal profile on youtube. What I must do now? I don’t understand how I can cash out the money, Maybe is my problem to understund this thing, sorry....

Thank you so much.