Cash Out - Covid 19


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Hello community.
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation, i have no doubts that many of us will lose jobs or will see our income reduced.
So, every help is wellcome.
My proposal is that RUMBLE could consider allow cash - out without minimum limits.
A small big help for hard days to come.
Thank you,


Creator Support Team
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Unfortunately, when you are a business making payments via PayPal or Payoneer there's a cost associated with sending any amount.

So we would be negatively affected if we lowered the already pretty low cashout minimum, not only because we still have to pay for each transaction, but these would also exponentially increase costing even more. At a $50 minimum we believe we offer the lowest requirement of any platform in our industry.


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Hey Mario.
I was not aware of those costs for Rumble.
I m sorry. Please feel free to remove my post.
No worries,

I'll leave it up so anyone with the same question can see the answer.

It was a good question.