Can't verify email with new account


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Same here. Wanted to check it out but it wont send me a verification email. I got the welcome email just fine. I also got the phone text verification code just fine. Still cant do anything without email verification which is not showing up in any folder. I checked spam as well.


Head of the Support Team
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Hello everyone,

We're all aware of the delay with the verification emails,

Everyone should get theirs within the next 20 minutes.

Thanks for your patience.


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Tried many times to get the activation code via email but it's not working which I am sure you are working on right now.


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I got the Welcome mail a couple minutes after I registered, but there was no option to confirm, just buttons to download the app, a link to the profile page, and an unsubscribe link. I confirmed via phone, but email is still showing as unconfirmed. FYI