Can we Re-upload the rejected videos.


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It depends on why your video was rejected. Was it that you used somebody elses material, or copyrighted music or..... so first of all try to find out why your video was rejected. (sent an email to Rumble: If it is your own content than it is possible to reupload it in my opinion, but maybe you can make some little changes to make it even better.


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Try emailing support to ask

There are several reasons for rejection; technical error with the upload, error at Rumble's end, mistake over content ownership, product placement, graphic or questionable content, swearing, etc
No matter what the reason, editing to solve it will allow you to upload the video once its corrected.
in fact, you can upload the same content in more than one video, even when it is accepted.
For example, you can upload a 2 minute video and then make a 30 second version of just the highlights. Both videos might get approval. Just remember that you'll want to time it or edit it in a way that it doesn't give viewers the sense of watching the same thing twice.

Looking at your videos, I suggest a thumbnail that is not text. That may not be the issue, but I think it will help you to put an image there.
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